Creative, Understanding, Simple, Sane.

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Bright Ideas

I provide and create both technical and marketing solutions for small businesses, nonprofits, and specially designated Florida "Improvement Districts,"

Anyone looking to add customers, inform the public about important issues, or better understand what their customers are seeking should speak with me.

Fresh Air

Many people feel stuck.  Whether they're limited by lack of availabile technology, stale thoughts, or feel trapped by the everyday monotany of daily tasks.

Let's sit down and talk.  I can help breathe life into your daily routine, reorganize stale processes, and find solutions that can free you up to do what YOU do best.

Sane Solutions

I can't customize solutions with you until we start communicating!  I provide web hosting, web design, social media help, marketing ideas, and am a sounding board for my clients every day. 

I'm ready to make you a priority.  Kick-start your online presence today!